Fully browser based application
Unrestricted organisation wide licence
Developed in the UK for the UK Endoscopy Market
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Product Information

MEDILOGK EMS delivers a proven Endoscopy Reporting and Imaging solution with integrated Scheduling Management

EMS delivers a proven Endoscopy Reporting and Imaging solution with integrated scheduling and booking to assist in the management of the endoscopy service. All development and support is carried out by a dedicated team based in our Ipswich office.

Technical Features

  • Designed to support single and multi-site endoscopy services
  • Fully browser based, normally hosted on customer VM servers
  • Available as a hosted solution at datacentre(s) with NHS network connectivity
  • EMS system installation and upgrades carried out remotely over the NHS network
  • System upgrades scheduled out of hours ensuring minimum disruption to users
  • Protects investment in legacy systems by importing PDF copies of the historic procedure reports and images
  • Unidirectional interfaces available for all major PMS suppliers using latest HL7 FHIR
  • Integrated Respiratory and Urology modules ensuring only one PMS interface, one server environment and one upgrade process

MEDILOGIK EMS delivers the following reporting benefits

  • Produces detailed procedure reports with high quality images attached to sites/areas on the anatomy
  • Standard and high definition digital image capture available
  • Al images stored within the SQL database
  • Immediate export of reports and images to primary care systems e.g. DOCMAN and acute hospital systems EPR and clinical portals
  • Integrated Scheduling & Booking Module accepts electronic referrals from hospital systems
  • Fully compliant with the National Endoscopy Database NED
  • Supports all JAG Clinical Audit

MEDILOGIK EMS Scheduling and Booking Module

  • Supports episode vetting for appropriateness and timeliness
  • Records patient unavailability and declined appointments
  • Ensures appointments based on endoscopist technical ability
  • Ability to record and report both procedure and outcome codes
  • Aids management of short-term repeats and long-term surveillance patients
  • Assists in management of Waiting Times and Capacity and Demand
  • Supports changes in work practices to reduce reliance on Waiting List initiatives

Implementation Training and Support Services

  • Implementation and Training carried by MEDILOGIK staff with substantial endoscopy experience
  • Remote support provided from our Ipswich office
  • Users have access to online help screens from within the application itself