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Technical Overview

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JAG Clinical Quality Audit Reports (GRS Audit)

MEDILOGIK EMS provides single-click creation of the revised JAG Clinical Quality Audit Reports. This standard JAG template can be exported from EMS, checked and uploaded directly to the JAG website.


Managing JAG Deaths and Readmissions Audit

MEDILOGIK have been successfully automating the creation of this key JAG Audit Report working with a leading Nurse Consultant on a customer site. By mapping data from the Trust PMS, MEDILOGIK EMS enables the collection of adverse event information against the individual episodes and produces a report for review at the EUG.


MEDILOGIK Endoscopist Performance Reports

MEDILOGIK EMS continues to provide the more detailed Performance Reports with the ability to run more specific single issue audit reports if necessary e.g. Colonoscopy Performance for the National Bowel Screening Programmes.

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Trusted by healthcare providers across the UK

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