Customer Case Study: NHS Torbay and South Devon

Torbay and South Devon is an NHS Flagship, regional endoscopy training centre in the south west of England with a reputation for innovation.  They have 3 endoscopy procedure rooms and perform over 10,000 endoscopies per year.

In late 2019 they published an Invitation To Tender notice that MEDILOGIK and others responded to.  In March 2020 they went live with our Cloud hosted software, EMS. Mark Feeney was the clinical lead during the project and Mary Dustan was the Trust appointed Project Manager from business case through to go-live.


MEDILOGIK: Please describe the main issue that drove you to search for a new ERS?

Mark: We were approaching end of contract with our previous supplier and had been served notice that they would no longer be supporting the product. We wanted to take the opportunity to review the market as the system had been in place for 10 years.


MEDILOGIK: Could you let us know about the procurement process, your approach and anything you would change if you had to do it again?

Mary: We issued a standard ITT – it detailed our minimum requirements and some aspirations and required supplier demos following a shortlisting process on review of the tender responses.  We specified mandatory and desirable functionality and then scored all answers together with a weighting for costings.  We were very happy with the process, we worked as a team throughout with representation from Admin, Clinical, IT and IG and that we feel was key to get us a new system within our stringent timescales.


MEDILOGIK: You kindly selected MEDILOGIK as preferred supplier – what were the stand-out reasons for this?

Mark: Clear reports, & reliable image capture.

We look forward to Video Capture when it becomes available.

The fact EMS is cloud-based was important – it has proved stable as promised.

Mary: The booking team were excited about the functionality in the scheduling and booking module.  It was felt it would drive down inappropriate bookings, reduce clerical time per episode and reduce the risk we felt we had with our previous processes.


MEDILOGIK: Now that you are live with the system, what feedback would you give on the deployment?

Mary: We felt fully supported through the implementation and go-live.   The transition was fast and smooth, we did not need to reduce lists or have any reduction in capacity.  Since going live some of the team have had further sessions with MEDILOGIK to embed training into day to day process.

Mark: There was good support through the transition with our legacy reports extracted and made available within the patient history in EMS.

Mary: Due to our short deadlines and the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, we had concerns about whether sufficient training for our clinicians had been carried out prior to go-live but the system proved intuitive and easy to use so staff could turn up and start using it without problems.


MEDILOGIK: How was the transition between systems for the department?

Mary: Whilst system usage was straightforward there was definitely a process change requirement for the admin teams to ensure that they understood the move to a more patient focused booking approach to make full use of the capabilities of EMS.  We’d recommend all users do this process analysis prior to the implementation to smooth the transition.


MEDILOGIK: What benefits are you realising now the system is live?

Mark: Apart from the obvious ones about having a more modern and intuitive software for our teams an unforeseen one has been the flexibility of MEDILOGIK’s cloud-hosted platform – during the pandemic, we’ve been successfully running our lists from a local private hospital with EMS running on a Computer on Wheels –  including Image capture; this was done with remote advice from the MEDILOGIK team and was up and running straight away – when we needed it. This was really important so we could set up a new location for endoscopy in response to COVID.


MEDILOGIK: What is your favourite feature of EMS?

Mark:  Now that we’ve been live for a few months we’ve just had a session reviewing all the audit data available in EMS and the productivity tools. The audits are easy to run, rich and flexible.  The system will help us to improve our service, the quality and safety of our procedures and ensure we can maximise the capacity of the department.


MEDILOGIK: How do you and your team find the support and relationship with MEDILOGIK?

Mary:  As Project Manager I felt fully supported and it was great to feel you were working in partnership with MEDILOGIK throughout the deployment.

Mark:  We’ve had several sessions with the MEDILOGIK team following go-live to ensure that all users can get the most out of the system and the only time we’ve had to use the helpdesk has been to remind us of a little used feature.  We look forward to continuing this partnership as we expand capacity and functionality at our site.


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